Do or Die Number 7 - The Maturity or Senility? Issue


Do or Die doesn't want to be, couldn't be, nor has ever claimed to be representative of the entire ecological direct action scene. We do want to give a voice to the movement but it is inherently ridiculous to think that any one publication can be the voice of the movement. People can only represent themselves - and this idea underlies the whole theory and practice of Earth First! and its organisation into a network of autonomous de-centralised groups.

Submissions are needed and welcome, so please do send in articles, but Do or Die is not completely open access as space is too short for that. It is the project of the editorial collective who, with the help of people from around the world, co-operate (?!) together to produce it. We're putting our own time and money into this and we're not going to devote it to printing things we substantially disagree with. Having said that, we are not interested in peddling some 'correct' ideological line and we will, and do, publish things we disagree with - if we think they have something worthwhile to contribute to our struggles. The exception to this is the letters pages which are more or less open access - as long as you keep the length below 500 words - so write and tell us you love, hate or fancy us - please!



For many different reasons we would like to see more publications coming out of the movement, of which DoD would only be one amongst many. You don't need loads of money and resources to do a publication - anyone with a bit of commitment can produce one, and we're willing to give you help and advice if you want it. Don't be put off by the (relatively) professional quality of some magazines' production - DoD started off as a badly photocopied A4 zine back in 1992. We've come a long way since then - and the body of at least one collective member may well be found washed up on Brighton beach in the near future.

We are not moving to becoming an annual journal, but for practical reasons we feel unable to produce the next issue until April 1999 - see the deadline below. Beyond that issue our commitment to more frequent publication (and less of a life) still stands. All comment, criticism and discussion is welcomed - send to the address below.

Yours, seeking fresh blood for the vampire of politics

- The Do or Die Clones.

Do or Die - Bogsnorkelling in the political swamp since 1992.
An Unaccountable Clique EF! production

Order and Submission

Send your articles, graphics, photos,reviews and letters to: Do or Die Editorial Collective, c/o 6 Tilbury Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 2GY, UK. Although not essential we would prefer all submissions as ASCII text files on PC or Mac disks. For a 4 issue subscription delivered direct to your door by a uniformed state employee send £8.00 UK/£10.00 elsewhere (cheques/PO's payable to Earth First!) Sending more allows us to send free copies to prisoners, groups and random blagger. For bulk orders contact the above address. Back issues of DoD No.s 6 and 7 are available from the same address-send £.50 UK/$2.50 elsewhere per copy including postage.


Remember, remember the 5th of November - gunpowder, treason and plot... and the deadline for Do or Die Number 8.

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