Midlands Report

So just what have we been doing in the Midlands?


Just 'cos there isn't a Derby EF! listed on the back of the Action Update doesn't mean Tarmac can get away with getting paid over £127 million to trash a whole load of badger setts, archaeology, ecology, trees and the rest. They call it the 'Derby Southem Bypass A564' - we call it a fucking disgrace and a viable target. Actions have been going on, and will certainly continue, a camp has been set up. The actual road forms a shadow M62, linking the M1 to the M6 as well as passing suspiciously close to a new Toyota car factory. The thing is even being built as a dual three lane with hard shoulder in places, with a spur into Derby itself to make sure the local residents get the full benefit of the fucked up air. Contact 01-332-204-097.


Upper Nene/Northampton

For a change, we did an action on home turf on a local issue. No, really - the Midlands' most notorious eco-commuters have finally organised a home match. The opposition - Baron St. John of Fawsley, or Norman St. John Stevas as was. The Cup - a coveted area of wetland miles from anywhere. They, (Norman's team - Stock Lands and Estates), want it for a rich git commuter village. We don't. Match report - Upper Nene EF! FC field a side of local talent and national stars and two children's' playhouses in a 5;0;6 formation and control the midfield until the opposition sent in the groundstaff. Venue - Norman's front garden! Final result - said Norman has resigned and Borough planning committee are split on the issue. Replay expected.


We hit McDonalds on International McDonalds Day (didn't everyone?) and have been doing loads of stuff on the CJA. There will be more anti-McMurder actions soon. We were involved with two anti-CJA marches, one which had a few thousand people. We've also been taken up with sabbing at weekends and a few of us have been down to Coventry to take part in the live export blockades. A city centre building was opened as an anti-CJA squat, it was great while it lasted - but unfortunately lasted only a few days We've also been doing anti-mahogany trade ethical shoplifting [Isn't all shoplifting ethical? - Ed] which got us on telly. 150 people 'reclaimed the streets' on a Birmingham dual carriageway. The fun lasted five hours. The sun shone and the bands played whilst the kids played 'on the beach' or in the paddling pools that mysteriously appeared. A good time was had by all and, hey, there were no arrests.


People from Notts EF! have been down doing actions at the Derby Southern Bypass and we have been having our own Critical Mass bike rides. We also did an April 15th McDonalds hit (does anyone know how many branches got hit?). In May the 'Land is Ours' movement reclaimed the land at Radford, Nottingham. The six acre site was occupied for a week. It was cleared of rubbish and the camp provided a glimpse of sustainable, low impact living. The land is set to become a car park but the camp showed that there are better uses for it.

And that's about all for this time, there's probably shit loads happening that I didn't get to hear about, but that's the way it goes, in future, if you want your stuff in Do or Die you could always DIY. Ta,

Lesley de Railiuer, middle of the island.

- Upper Nene EF!


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