Pollock Estate

- There’s going to be an outrage and we’re starting it!

Behind the media curtain, one of Strathclyde region’s motorways is attempting to devour the largest greenbelt in Europe (within a city boundary). Feeling among the neighbouring communities, which already bears the brunt of social injustice, runs against the motorway. Pollock estate was gifted to the citizens of Glasgow and as the communal property of the people, it represents one of the last places in Scotland where ordinary folk have fully legitimate rights. A fragment of non-feudal land on which we have traditionally known and cherished liberty. Protected by three separate layers of legislation, along with a host of cast iron conditions, carefully inserted into an important agreement created by the farsighted Maxwell family. This was the first conservation agreement ever entered into by the National Trust for Scotland. The trust founder and owner of the estate, Sir John Stirling Maxwell, wished to secure the amenity of the woodland FOR EVER... - for the benefit of the citizens of Glasgow (conservation agreement 1939). The Maxwells couldn’t foresee that the official guardians (THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND) would prove incapable of doing their job. Spinelessly they wavered the conditions allowing Strathclyde regional council to buy off a vast area of the estate on which to build a motorway extension and private houses.


This unique city area is home to a great diversity of life, including a small number of roe deer, vast sections of pasture, wild flower meadows and arable farmland along with rich corridors of mature woodland habitat. All this is at stake.

Labour hold an overall majority on the council. They have opted for a form of pretend democracy dodging accountability, reducing the public consultation process to a farcical PR exercise. There is no political saviour - we must look to ourselves to find the determination, taking on the responsibility to ensure that the right things happen. Last year’s Pollock tree sits, crane sits etc., raised the alarm effectively, ending the official hush up. It is vital now that we follow up with an even more radical wave of direct action. Everyone is invited to come and join us. Bring camping gear, banners, musical instruments and truth in our hearts. We are going to get behind the barricades and stop those machines!

- Colin MaCleod

Caledonian Green Circle

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