Hillforts and Revenge


EF!ers from the South Downs have been more or less scattered around the globe the last couple of months. One activist has been to Ireland to link up with groups there, more details in the next issue. Another has been witnessing climate change and the effects of mega-buck irrigation schemes, as vast areas of Asia continue to suffer from flooding.

Meanwhile back in the bioregion, EF!ers are getting their shit together over the A27 Folkestone to Honiton Trunk road (AKA the South Coast Motorway). The DoT has concealed the road by pretending it is over four dozen bypasses. If you’re campaigning against one of these bypasses/widening/relief roads, link up with the other groups c/o Arun EF! in Littlehampton.


Further east a couple of miles, Cissbury Ring EF! in Worthing is campaigning against the A27 which threatens to wreck havoc over the area. In the spirit of divide and rule the ‘preferred’ route runs through a highly residential area, so local opinion is screaming for a bypass. The only place available is the Downs. There are currently two routes being looked at which involve tunnelling under Cissbury Ring - an ancient Hillfort and SSSI, tunnelling under Salvington Hill and Lancing Ring, and generally ruining the already weakened downland ecosystem. The public enquiry starts on September 28th. Cissbury want lots of people, accommodation is available so contact them on 0903 238603.

Further east another couple of miles, South Downs EF! (Brighton) are making plans to defend Mount Caburn. Recognise the name? Yes, an abandoned naturally regenerating quarry in the side of Mt. Caburn was in fact the venue for the first EF! gathering in this country back in April ‘92. Little did we know then that the DoT were planning its demise, with the Lewes bypass. Well, Twyford was difficult to fortify, but the highest hillfort in the south and the only mountain in the area should be a quite a cinch. We are talking VERY large ramparts!

- Eldrum

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