Faslane Peace Camp


EF! needs to build stronger links with the peace movement. There are the obvious reasons: the possibility of global annihilation through nuclear weapons, the increasing dangers posed by nuclear waste and irradiated areas, the folly of escalating our ‘deterrent capability’ through the incredibly expensive Trident programme, and last but not least, the military’s instrumental role in propping up the insane, corrupt and rapacious New World Order. But consider the following relatively little known facts as well:


- the US military is the largest producer of greenhouse gases in the United States. (Planet News, Summer 1993.)

- 10% of global iron and steel production goes to military ... Military demand for aluminium, copper, nickel and platinum is more than the demand for whole of the Third World. - (Guardian Earth Summit supplement, June 1992.)

The time has come to demonstrate our disgust at this absurd state of affairs. Faslane Peace Camp are mounting a blockades at RNAD Coulport to mark the first Trident sub taking up position there. Phone them for further details 

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