M11 and A11

The Wymondham Bypass is a section of the upgrading of the A11 into a dual carriageway all the way from Norwich to London. It passes through 8km of open countryside and will mean the end of countless mature stands and the destruction of a local conservation area. The road is being justified on the grounds that it will speed up traffic and reduce congestion in Wymondham. In reality Wymondham has already been bypassed twice.


The normal lobbying tactics have been played and with the DoT wishing to start construction in October the locals have taken to Direct Action. On the 31st of August (‘twas twilight’) they entered and occupied a large house in the path of the motorway. Since then The Willows, Silfield Rd, Wymondham has been under continuous occupation - they affectedly call it ‘Fort Willows’. The locals were taken to court on the 17th of September by the DoT, and fully expected the government’s possession order to be put into force. However, much to their surprise, the Judge ruled the order ineffective over a technical detail. So The Willows is safe for at least a month. Not so subtle surveillance of the building has already started with large black and yellow striped Range Rovers parking opposite. The activists will be starting a camp soon to complement the house occupation for those of us who can’t stand walls around us. People, especially ‘bulldozer junkies’, are urgently needed so in the words of ‘The Lizard’ (their newsletter), ‘How about coming to stay for an hour, a day, a weekend or longer in a country residence much to the disdain of the DoT…’

For action updates ring 0603 789969, 0603 631007 or direct to the frontline mobile: 0850 620669


Scum Analysis

The most likely contractor for the contract is May Gurney (head office) 0603 627281: Head Office, Trowse, Norwich, Norfolk.

The most likely partners in crime are Atlas Aggregates Ltd. 0603 761234: 5 Guardian Road, Norwich, Norfolk. Atlas Aggregates have recently illegally removed 123,000 tonnes of gravel from a protected wildlife habitat in Costessy. Why not post these lovely people a paving stone (without a stamp of course).

====END BOX========

Action continues to intensify at the M11 as more people move into the Leytonstone area in London, a place the DoT intends to destroy with the construction of the M11. The road will destroy many areas where Epping Forest is reaching out into London. 350 houses are at risk and Hackney Marshes could be seriously impaired. Resistance however is strong, with lots of houses squatted and under the control of the campaign group. £6 million worth of housing has been fixed up by the protesters after DoT attempts to gut them out.

There is a great community feeling and there are plans afoot to make the whole area a car free zone, with a community centre, alternative energy production etc. The houses and trees have to be defended daily against the construction company who would rip them down. The campaign is aiming for an action every Monday. People are desperately needed so that the community can take back yet more houses from the DoT. So if you fancy a large Georgian house with a beautiful garden, excellent neighbours and lots of fun with security guards, Leytonstone is the place for you. As with Norwich, bulldozer junkies are needed but the campaign needs all kinds of people: carpenters, roofers, office heads, plumbers – everybody… and that means YOU. In the past there have been treesits, blockades of main roads involving over 200 people and office occupations. The destruction firms are getting worn out as this quote from the Guardian on the 24th of September shows,

“I’m just pissed off with it,” said Tony Dent, aged 28. “Seeing security guards trying to pull girls out of trees up there. I’ve had enough. When I accepted the contract I didn’t realise the extent of it”.

So whatever your thing is, get on down.

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