Oil Drilling off the Welsh Coastline

Now, one would have thought that after the recent spate of oil spills that any new exploration of oil in this country would have been put on the shelf, at least for a couple of years. Nope. The Department of Trade and Industry has given a licence to Hamilton Oil to start testing etc off the Pembrokeshire coast.

What is at stake is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of Welsh coastline which include the islands of Ramsey, Grassholm, Skokholm and Skomer (a marine nature reserve). The DTI has also stated that their environmental advisers’ (what advisers?) advice about the potential effects of oil drilling in the Celtic Sea should remain confidential. But since the disaster in the Shetlands, we all know what likely effects can emerge, so what the hell is the purpose of clamming up? Why don’t they just admit that the government only has mega-bucks on its mind?


A local group, COD (Cardigan against Oil Development) has been set up and it is hoped that the community will give Hamilton Oil a tough battle. Taking for example what has happened in Skye, the government are unlikely to give up on this one, especially as their oil reserves in the North Sea are dwindling. Action, both in Cardigan and at regional level all over Britain will be needed if a victory is to be achieved.

Cardigan against Oil Development (COD), c/o Babilon, SA41 3TV

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