Newcastle Tree-Sits

The Cradlewell bypass is an insane piece of inner-city road planning perpetrated by the utterly corrupt (details available ON request) Newcastle City Council. Only a mile in length, but managing to cram in a raised stretch of road on thirty foot stilts and a cut-and-cover tunnel, the proposed route will enable motorists to hurtle towards the next set of traffic lights an amazing 30 seconds faster, if it’s eventually finished circa 1995.

The road will bisect Jesmond Dene, an area of approx. 180 trees, many of which are mature or semi-mature.

The preliminary works began on 16th of June and a protest camp was set up almost straight away. The main thrust of the protest at the moment is a defensive tree-sitting strategy, with occasional bouts of digger dancing as and when numbers permit. Local press coverage has been good, and an action where one protester was driven off down the road in a bucket of a digger made nine national newspapers. Work stoppage is running at £5,000 a week.

There will be a national day of action on October the 18th so come to sunny Newcastle and jump on a digger. We need people all the time so why not stay a while later and laze about in a hammock with rope service on a rope and experience Stotties!

- Pulch, Cradlewell Alert: 0912616151

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