Target Tarmac

On the 23rd of August Tarmac plc had a bit of trouble. About forty people decided that with due reflection they didn’t hold Tarmac very dear to their hearts. So it’s 7.30 am in Wolverhampton and they can be seen obstructing the entrances, hanging out of windows and generally having a whale of a time, at one of Tarmac’s head offices. The police arrived to add to the Grope 4 already in evidence and proceeded to search the building. Meanwhile our heroes had locked themselves into an office and were making use of the office coffee machine’s hospitality. Eventually the boys in blue got the door open and promptly arrested the activists for BURGLARY.

They were held for 14 hours before being released. Later protesters occupied another Tarmac office. Protesters wandered around looking through files, drawers, cupboards and the suchlike. Four people were arrested after locking themselves inside another office, the police kicking the door down like something straight out of ‘The Bill’. A third office at a Tarmac depot (where lots of machinery is stored!) was occupied towards the end of the day. Tarmac had brought in Grope 4 a number of weeks earlier to advise on security. Combination locks were then fitted on all doors - so how did those dodgy tribalists get in? According to construction News, Sept. 16th: ‘a red faced-with embarrassment not face paint Tarmac spokesman explained, “Apparently they rang the doorbell and someone let them in”.’

More info on Tarmac can be obtained from Twyford/Road Alert.

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