Out on the Streets

Towns such as Liverpool were built on the slave trade and the use of Africans as slave labour. The fortunes that started Lloyd’s and Barclays’ were made from the trade, infact the whole of this countries ‘wealth’ is based on the stolen land of millions of Africans, Indians, Aborigines, American Natives and even Irish, Welsh, Cornish and Scots.

Even after the end of the empire the English Government and Business sector are exploiting the poor south. Their resources are taken at insulting prices fixed by the Buyers who, as we saw in the Gulf war are prepared to go to war to keep prices down. British companies then sell massive amounts of weapons to people such as Saddam in the full knowledge that they will be used to kill civilians and ‘uncivilised peoples’.


Since those who do this share their ethics with the media, the ethics of cash, the media sidelines these issues. When it comes to war the media is almost totally under the control of the state. Every image you saw of the gulf war was vetted by the ministry of defence before you saw it. This also applies of course to the war in Ireland.

With the situation as bad as this it is hard to believe that there are people who want to make things worse. The victory of the BNP candidate in Tower hamlets comes as a frightening blast when put in the context of the undoubted racism of the English state.

The vote was undoubtedly a protest against the poverty that exists in Tower Hamlets. The local community has suffered the ravages of the Docklands development which has seen housing in the area destroyed to build yuppie flats and a business area firmly separated from the community. Millions have been spent and the islands inhabitants have seen little of it. Taking advantage of this, the British National Party campaigned on a catalogue of lies. They scared the locals with stories of Asian families getting council housing before white families when since April, only 24 of 135 council lets were to Asian families when a quarter of the Tower Hamlets population is Asian. They talked of whites living in fear of black violence in Tower Hamlets when 475 racial incidents against the black community were reported to the police last year.

The BNP are a party of violence. They support attacks such as the attack on the 17 year old Quiddus Ali who was beaten by 9 white youths as Quiddus was on his way to the video store with two friends. This assault near Tower Hamlets almost killed Quiddus. Beackon, the newly elected BNP councillor was meanwhile talking of “Sweeping the streets clean of Pakis”. Beackon himself has said that he doesn’t believe the fact that millions of dissidents, gays, anarchists Jews, and gypsies were killed by fascists, and he admits to admiring the Nazi Party. The fascists rose to power supported by industrialists and big businessmen who saw the rise of anarchist and communist sympathies as a threat to their power in the twenties and thirties. By the time they had finished millions were dead and Europe was in ruins.

The fascists tactic was, and is, to first seize control of the streets through the use of gangs of youths. In Germany these eventually evolved into the SS. This is why the BNP has to be confronted on the streets, Hitler once said that if the communists instead of having meetings had kicked them off the streets then he would never have been able to gain power.

To make the situation yet more confusing the opposition to fascism is not all what it seems. Searchlight, the anti-fascist magazine is widely held to be under the control of MI5. Whether this is true or not, Searchlight has run stories attacking groups such as Class War claiming, in what must be one of the bizarrest accusations of our time, that Class War are fascists. More recently they have been involved in an attempt to infiltrate and sabotage Green Anarchist. This is well documented in the pamphlet ‘A lie too far...’. The question one needs to ask is ‘Who benefits ?’.

Another strange group to beware of is the ‘Patriotic Vegan and Vegetarian Society’, which is attempting to infiltrate the animal rights movement (full story in the recent ALFSG newsletter). There has also been moves to take over green groups and direct environmental anger towards ethnic minorities. (There is an article on fascist infiltration of the green movement in DoD 1.)

As for the groups that oppose fascism most have their own agenda, Anti Racist Alliance with its Labour Party and Union links and the Anti Nazi League which is dominated by the Socialist Workers Party. These links with hierarchical parties make them open for infiltration and also put the membership at the mercy of the whims of the central committees. A good example is that of Anti-Nazi League supporters picketing the (excellent) film ‘Romper Stomper’ as it is shown around the country. When one member was asked if they’d seen the film he replied “If the ANL Central Committee deem the film to be Nazi propaganda, then we must accept their word for it and act accordingly”. Not all ANL members are this stupid thankfully.

Most towns also have an Anti Fascist Action group, AFA is decentralised and less sectarian than the other anti-Fascists groups. It is a direct action oriented organisation disrupting fascist meetings and marches. Where other groups talk AFA takes action.

Anti Fascism is something British Earth Firsters should get involved in. Fascism belongs to those who have brought us to the brink of oblivion. Through the domination of nature and all its parts human and non-human, fascists would wish to attain complete control, imposing an artificial order on the world. If a party such as the BNP ever gets enough power we would be some of the first against the wall. Radical environmentalists were killed by Neo-Nazis in Germany last year, and the firebomb campaign against them continues. Meanwhile EF!ers in Serbia are fighting fascism, quarrying, river pollution and the such under the very real threat of execution, we can’t afford to be complacent.

-Kelvin McKenzie

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