Paranoia.. noia.. noia... noia BOO!

- To be or not to be paranoid

Richard and I have just sat through our four week trial, and hope to pass onto everyone some of the information we have come across. This is not intended to be a scare story, but to help us better understand the way that the police treat Animal Rights. (Although many EF!ers may have difficulties with ‘Animal Rights’ tendency to put certain lifeforms above others, never the less the police will view us as AR activists - ed.)

There is a special unit working out of Scotland Yard, called the Animal Rights National Index (ARNI). Their task is to gather large amounts of information on individuals. When, during our trial, it became clear that they were doing a much better job than we had ever imagined, I decided to try and establish their sources of information and how they use it.

So far the police have indexes on people, addresses, vehicles and telephone numbers. It is quite shocking to find they have 21,000 names on the index. Each person’s sheet runs like this. Name, address, d.o.b., schooling, job, phone number, other numbers used such as passport and bank accounts, aliases used, physical description with updates if it changes ie haircuts, contact with police, sightings on demos, people standing next to the subject or travelling together, vehicles registered to subject and other vehicles driven, associates and friends, memberships of organisations and past record of convictions.

Obviously, the more contact the police have had with you the larger the file. But the more active you are, for instance sabbing, actions, demos and friends involved in campaigning the more likely is the chance of them having something on your file.

They use this information to build up an idea of who knows who and how strong their involvement is. So the areas we should be keenly aware of being careful about are address books and vehicles. Perhaps go through your address book and rewrite without using surnames and area (STD) codes. That will confuse them if they ever get their hands on it. If you can, use hired vehicles on demos and register your car at a different address, or better still get everyone in your group to use the same address.


Another area to be careful about is the type of literature you keep in your house. A newsletter may be perfectly innocent in you house. But if the prosecution holds it up in court it takes on a completely different perspective. During our court case they used household items - plastic bottles, sellotape, candles - to try and say they could be used to make incendiary devices. It shows you how single minded they can be, not to see the innocence of these things. Be wary of new people asking stupid questions and be aware that whenever you join an organisation the police know about it. Another area is telephones, houses and cars - treat them all as bugged.

I sincerely hope that this helps to build up a healthy paranoia. I am not intending to scaremonger people into stopping going on demos or any other activities, but I hope this gives us a better understanding of how intensely the police are acting out their Big Brother role. I pass the message on to everyone - BE CAREFUL!

- Annette Tibbles. Annette was found guilty of conspiracy to arson and sentenced to four years


Since the last issue of Do or Die Paranoia has once again given way to fact. Twyford activists have been hauled up in front of the High court, and referenced by Action files. These files have been produced by Brays detective Agency (Their offices have since been trashed - see News! article) and are a collection of photos and transcripts of videos which chart our individual progress into ecoactivism.

Brays and group 4 cameramen have since been seen on at the action at Timbnet, Golden Hill and the Channel tunnel. One activist arrested at Skye was told spitefully by a young police yob that they were cross referencing footage with Hampshire constabulary. The problems that injunctions create can often be avoided if you remember these simple rules.

One. never give your real name or address to the police.

Two, if group 4 or suchlike have camera crews on site a small group should follow them about standing in front of the cameras and preventing them from taking pictures of other activists.

And thirdly, whenever possible conceal your face. Hooded sweat shirts are also a good idea. Why do the bastards work for them.

signed - An Action File

They’re at it again!

Surveillance storys once again surface as a South Downs EF! activists flat is broken into. Nothing was stolen, just a few things upturned. Another SDEF! activist at the same time had her car broken into again nothing removed. Could this be another case of Special branch playing Hide and seek.

Twyford Down Alert/Camelot EF! had a strange incident with their telephone recently. One activist called her mother in Glasgow but guess who answered the phone - group 4 Winchester. She quickly put down the phone and pressed the redial button. Her mother answered the telephone.

Another incident involved someone phoning into TDA! only to get connected to ‘police motorway control’.


The deplorable actions mentioned below all happened on 1st of June. There were probably more but these are the only ones we’ve heard about.

Norwich -

A number of group 4 landrovers trashed, tyres, windows, engine, wires and all.

Various Billboards defaced and returned to organic state.

Three people Caught (ARHHHHHH) ……flyposting


£9,000 worth of damage done to a fence near Taunton. The Fence had prevented deer escaping into reserve land when pursued by hunt.


Premises of Brays Private detective agency in Southampton was well and truly trashed, (they are presently being used against demonstrators at Twyford).

A McDonalds had its windows smashed.


A Mitsubishi car showrooms windows smashed in Brighton.

Two CAT 245’s working on the B’ton Bypass became rather ill.

7 billboards corrected in Eastbourne.

Fencing enclosing a common near Hastings torched.


Tesco’s windows smashed.

Milton Keynes

Bank flyposted and sprayed with ‘Blood Ban KKK’ in five foot letters. Doors glued.

Englishman’s House’

Tarmac directors in ‘Englishman’s house is his castle’ syndrome.

It appears that Tarmac directors are rather freaked out by lists of their home addresses recently published. They made their fears known to anti-road activists at the Tarmac AGM, and hoped that law-abiding campaigners would have nothing to do with these ‘Terrorists’.

These terra-ist’s have forced Tarmac to spend large sums of cash on hiring private security to guard their besieged ‘directors houses’.

All companies have to provide ‘Companies House’, with forms documenting directors home address, other directorships etc. These files are publicly available from companies house. Well hi ho for democracy.

Welcome back Twyford six.

7th of August (the day of the release of the Twyford 6) at the Tarmac Quarry in Collingham Lincolnshire, under the spray painted title “For the Prisoners of Twyford Down”, the following was wrenched -

3 Bulldozers, 3 Tarmac Trucks, 2 Diesel Pumps, 1 Work shed & a control station.

- From A communiqué from THIS SENTENCE CUTS OFF

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