Welsh trial exposes MI5

At the end of a two month trial in Caernarfon, Wales, two men were acquitted of charges of conspiracy to cause explosions while a third, Sion Roberts was jailed for 12 years for possessing explosives and sending letter bombs. The Gwynedd 3 conspiracy trial was the outcome of the latest unsuccessful attempt by the English state to catch members of the Welsh Meibion Glyndwr.

The trial was significant in that it brought to light some of the activities of MI5. For the first time M15 agents gave evidence in open court about their operations, which included bugging, burgling, and following suspects. In one incidence it emerged that 38 MI5 agents were used to follow Sion on a small demonstration in Caernarfon.


Since 1979 Mebion Glyndwr have set alight to hundreds of second homes in Wales. There are as many as 20,000 second homes in Wales, and in some villages less than half of the houses are lived in for six months of the year. As a result of English people buying up homes for holidays, house prices are inflated making it difficult for local people to afford to live in the area of their birth. It is not surprising that a poll carried out by HTV (the regional television station) found that 85% of people in the Dwyfor district supported the arson campaign.

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