This magazine is dedicated to direct action to protect the biological diversity of this planet from the bigness of human development. First we are life, second we are human.

The philosophy of Earth First! is simple: Earth First! No more needs to be said except how it can be applied. It is the purpose of this magazine to disseminate ideas on how to put Earth first.

When you discover an incidence of eco-rape, immediately write down a description of it, what you feel, and what you believe you can do about it. Then sometime turn it into an article and send it in.


This journal is obstinate, and does not like dilution. It does, however, eagerly await your droplet - so, send all articles, letters or communiqués via MSEF! for inclusion in the next issue. Phone MSEF! for deadline. Articles should empower people to ‘do something’. Anger, frustration, and pain can be channelled into action for positive chance. Any facts or statistics quoted must carry references to their sources - without these an article is useless.

If you include a contact no./address, we will try and get in touch with you if we cannot print your pearls of wisdom in that issue, or have any positive suggestions or criticism.

No compromise, love, DoD. PS. Remember security – don’t get caught!


Dirty plead-y bit:

Any donations gratefully received, c/o MSEF! This is not a subscription magazine. It aims to be as decentralised as us feasible. However, the last issue cost is over £80 in addition to basic production, for running costs, networking and postage, hardware... If we have extra money, we will use it to put out more pages, fly-posters, or sending it out to wider networks. So, please.. you’ll see the benefits.

Distribution: this is our medium: there will be no compromise with retailers etc. We have our own distribution system - ourselves, so let’s get out there and spread the word. If you have access to good copying/printing facilities, just do it! All EF! contacts have a printed copy. If lacking, copies available from SDEF! or Manchester EF! @ 70p per copy. All profits stay with local groups.


The views in Do or Die are not necessarily the views of anyone involved in its production. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. It does not intend to encourage anyone to do any the stupid, illegal things contained herein.

This site has been created as a permanent archive of Do or Die magazine. It is not maintained by the erstwhile editors of Do or Die so please do not try to contact them through us. The original Do or Die site, which has not been updated for over 7 years, is currently still available though all content from the old site is also available here.