Remember- every day is a day of action!

15 April Twyford Down - transport organised from London - contact Brixton EF!

16 April Live exports action, Dover docks. Contact SEARC, see Tribal Beat.

17-18 April Twyford Down massive day of action /night of countrywide anti-road graffiti, eg ‘Twyford’s Down - Where Next?’ - contact Camelot EF!


19 April UK Forest Network meeting, Oxford. British forest campaigns and international links - contact OEF!

24-25 April Training weekend to prepare for London May 15 action - contact Brixton EF!

28 April Twyford Down (extra-special) day of action

29 April Golf Night. A night of fun on golf courses. See elsewhere in this issue - c/o GNAGA, 1047, Naka, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan 296-01.

30 Apr/1 May Twyford Down - transport from London - contact Brixton EF)

1 May Twyford Down - mass cycle demo from all around the country to the protest camp - contact London Green Party 071-738 6721, for loose co-ordination, or if anyone’s got a tandem...

2 May Bluebell walk through Oxleas Wood, 2.30 at the café...

30 Apr - 3 May Beltane at Twyford. “ooh, really cosmic” - Fraggle. Also meeting of the Wessex tribes at protest camp. Sorry, no vehicles on site - contact Camelot EF!

7-10 May Earth First! national gathering & bank action in Leicester - contact LEAF

14/15 May Twyford Down - transport from London - contact Brixton EF!

15 May  International Day of Traffic/Greenhouse Action. Actions taking place around the world - contact your local EF! group. If nothing’s planned your way, make it happen.

24 May Mass National Mahogany Action, Timbmet II - contact Oxford EF!

28/29 May, Twyford Down - transport from London - call Brixton EF!

1 June Earth Night - YOUR chance to say a ‘big hello’ to all those nasty people out there. Send your anonymous pranks to DoD for the next issue.

7-13 June International Mahogany Action Week - ship blockades, timber yard & shop occupations, red paint artistry & ‘Mahogany is Murder’ sloganeering – it’s up to you what happens - contact OEF! with what you’ve planned, or your local group for what’s going down, nearer the time.

Also, contact SSEF!/SDEF! for Twyford Down - associated roadbuilding actions in the next two months.

- A small (hopefully) selection of actions for the next few months. Most actions are organised at short notice so contact your local EF! group regularly. Local actions - even more up to you! If none are being organised in your region, see to it. It’s easy. Really. Contact an up-and running group if you need any more support or info. Secret actions, well, you’ll just have to read the next DoD.


Did you know an awful lot of car companies have freephone numbers? Well, they do. If you feel strongly about the continued poisoning of the air we breathe for motor industry profit then why not waste a bit of their money getting your message across. Being wary not to fall foul of the abusive phone call laws, sensibly engage some unwitting salesperson in a long conversation about the kind of employers he or she is being taken for a ride by. Listen to them squirm as you put forward your totally irrefutable case for the virtual abolition of the motor vehicle for personal use. Ask them to note down your complaint and pass it on to their supervisor.

Such free telephone numbers are littered throughout the glossy magazines and daily newspapers, especially car magazines. Make a list of what you can find and spread the word to other likeminded responsible Earth people. Here’s an initial list to start you off. Watch their profits drop. Ha. Ha.

Rover 0800 52102

Lancia 100, ask for freephone Lancia

Nissan 0800-777200

Ford 0800 111222/010112

Peugeot Talbot 0800 678800/800412

Renault UK

0800-525150 or FREEPOST,

PO Box 21, Thame OXON OX9 3BR

Volkswagen Audi 0800-585685

Diahatsu 0800-521700

DoD will have a regular page of freephone numbers & freepost addresses, which will be updated as and when you tell us any new ones. Freepost addresses are very useful for sending bricks, or any other object more appropriate/heavier. “Your policies cost the earth - now you pay!” is always a good one.

American Express 0800-521313 (for development plans for Colarado wilderness)

Procter & Gamble FREEPOST, Dept. 5394, Hendon Road, Sunderland SR9 9A (for clearcutting of British Columbia’s forests etc)

- Maidstone EF!

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