Go out and do something for the Earth... at night!

Some of you may have seen posters running about with the words ‘Earth Night’ plastered across them, and wondered ‘what the bloody hell is this?’ Well, it’s the time when people who have a particular grudge against a developer, planet trashing company or vivisector can go out and take their revenge. A national Earth Night gives the opportunity for all groups to hit on the same night and so make the amount of damage more apparent. Instead of having 2 machines and a battery hen unit being hit in one night, we have 100 machines and 50 battery units being trashed. In this way we can capture the media and so make our arguments ram home.


The first Earth Night was Nov 5th, when a few incidents were reported, mainly in Northumberland. The 14th Feb event fared better, when machines on the M1 had their windows smashed, peat diggers in Somerset had their engines watered and machines and vauxhall cars were trashed in Oxford. It was nice that the ALF targeted General Motors over their crash experiments.

June 1st is an important date to remember as road construction will be at its height. We hope that this summer will see the biggest amount of resistance ever seen in this country, so that the government is told that if it dares to destroy Oxleas, or for that matter anywhere else, it will face a war. But we must show what we are able to do - go beyond machines, buildings should now be a prime target. We all know Tarmac are finding it hard through the recession. As with the fur industry, the best weapon is an economic one. If Tarmac premises can now be struck, and files and machinery destroyed, they may think twice about continuing Twyford etc.

So calling all Elves! When you see or hear of an Earth Night, get stuck in and do your work.

- The Tree ELFin

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