Tues. 23 Feb. 6 EF!ers restarted protest camp at Plague Pits Valley. Contractors' biggest digger locked on to, work stopped for 1 1/2 hrs. Weds. 24 Feb: Activists tried to stop concreting at Oliver's Battery, outnumbered by Group 4.

Fri. 26 Feb: 20 people from EF! and FoE local group held banners at edge of cutting, car deliberately stalled at Hockley lights, blocking a dumper truck. As security guards laughed at the ineptness of women drivers, an activist crawled out of boot and locked onto truck, stopping cutting work for hr.

27 Feb - 2 Mar; Due to lack of numbers tribe spent time building energy.


Weds. 3 Mar: Dumper truck locked onto on Twyford B-road, stopping work in cutting and water meadows for 1 1/2 hrs. Activist given bail in court next day.

Thur. 4 Mar: 15 people from Camelot EF! and Friends of Twyford Down (FoTD) entered cutting at 7:30 a.m., immobilised machinery, delaying work for 2 hours.

Fri. 5 Mar:, 200 people gathered for weekend of action and inspiration co-ordinated by The Ecologist mag. Much drumming and fun.

Sat. 6. Mar: 7a.m. work in cutting and water meadows prevented from starting. 10:00 a.m. Activists tried to close down work on Shawford and Oliver’s Battery sites. Met with considerable violence: punches, kicks, groping of some of women, use of industrial hose. Activists attached to machinery had liquid metal put in locks. By 11:30, numbers boosted to 400, activists outnumbered workers and security guards, work ceased at Oliver’s Battery. No work done for rest of day.

At 3:30 (after end of working day), 500 people marched and danced into Winchester centre, shouting and singing “EARTH FIRST! PROFITS LAST! - NO MORE ROADS”. Assembled in front of 4 Guardians of Winchester in turn - M.P.’s office, town hall, Cathedral and College. Bags of Twyford chalk dumped on doorsteps, letters delivered. 34 Winchester College boys shouted “you let Twyford Down!” at college head (who is chair of Lloyd’s bank).

Sun. 7 Mar: Midday, 400 people attended rally in cutting. Speakers, including Lib Dems’ environment spokesman (espoused breaking civil law), supported struggle against road menace.

Human chain to return chalk from water meadow to Down formed. Six-foot barricades erected to halt security guards. Police looked on in horror, seeing respectable people ripping down barbed wire.

Mon 8 Mar: 7:15 a.m. 60 protesters entered cutting, locked on to machinery. Work stopped for 7 1/2 hrs. This meant 5,780 tonnes of chalk not removed by ‘Romans’. Action hafted when 5 vans of police and 50 Group 4 removed activists from CAT 245 diggers. 7 arrests for obstruction.

Tues. 9 Mar: Camelot EF! awoke to find 30 police camped in cutting, in large inflatable yellow and white tent which resembled bouncy castle.

Weds. 10 Mar: Demo at Hockley lights. Camp moved to St Catherine’s Hill (‘Camelot’).

Thur. 11 Mar: 20 Winchester College Green Society members locked bikes together at entrance to water meadow site, halting trucks. Demo broken up by police and Group 4 violence. -Two people aged 12 and 16 arrested and held 3 hours.

Fri. 12 Mar:, Tabloid (yuk!) headlines included “Rich Kids fight Cops” and “Top Toffs Take on Tarmac”. 10:45 a.m. St. Catherine’s Hill camp evicted by Winchester College. One arrested, charged with obstructing bailiffs, given unconditional bail. Camp slept under A33 bridge.

Sat. 13 Mar: After court case, Camelot EF! went to Brixton Dongas’ benefit gig. Good thrash had by all.

Sun 14 Mar. Big anti-road conference in Brixton.

Mon. 15 Mar: Camelot EF! established camp at White Shute Lane, Winchester.

Tues. 16 Mar:, 30 people tried to stop work on ex-dongas site. Group 4 violence resulted in video camera being trashed. Work held up 1 hour.

Weds. 17. Mar: Attempt to stop work failed, due to increased security.

Thurs. 18 Mar:, 10:15 a.m. Mott McDonald’s (M3 Link consultant engineers) office visited by 8 EF!ers. Work made impossible 1 hour. Many files taken.

Fri. 19 Mar: 9:15 a.m. 30 people occupied Tarmac regional H.Q. Roof scaled and office occupied. Much useful info gathered. According to police, computer room flooded and doors glued. 11:20, 5 police vans and 7 motor bikes evicted demonstrators from offices and arrested 17 on suspicion of criminal damage - including one juvenile. Released without charge after 6 hrs.

Sat. 20 Mar: 90 tribal people from EF!, Arthurian War Band, Glastonbury Druids, Dongas Tribe, and Pagan Link saw dawn of vernal equinox, then invaded site. No work done all day.

On behalf of all, ‘King Arthur Pendragon’ announced to all associated with the rape of Twyford Down that they were cursed, and reminded them that 4 of the 8 who destroyed the burial ground have since died of natural causes.

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