On Nov 3. 1992, Jonathan Paul was jailed by a federal judge for refusing to testify at a grand jury in Spokane, Wash. The jury is investigating the activities of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

He invoked his fifth amendment rights when he was asked about other activists at the hearing. A Federal judge then granted him immunity from self-incrimination - a tactic used to encourage witnesses to talk. He was cited for contempt of court and jailed until the judge decides to release him or until this grand jury is over in Dec. 1993.

The fact is that Paul is guilty of nothing more than sticking to his constitutional rights.

Johnathan Paul’s letter from jail to the EF! Journal, Brigid 1993:

My statement to the Sacred Earth and all those who stand against genocide and ecocide:

Tonight I cried. I did not cry for myself in the situation I am in. I cried for the earth and all the peoples and animals that have suffered in the hands of the humans who are blinded by greed and anthropocentrism. I am angry and sad for all the unjustified acts of violence put upon the earth and those that dwell upon here. My incarceration has not weakened me like the Justice Dept hopes it will. Rather, it has strengthened my resolve to stand for what I believe in. I am aware that if I cannot convince US Federal Judge Fremming Neilson that I will not speak to the Grand Jury, I will remain in jail until December of 1993. So be it. I am prepared to remain in jail because I believe in the Sacred Earth. Nothing can change that, not even death. To feed information to the US government, no matter how significant or insignificant it is, is considered high treason. I am strong and I will remain strong, therefore the Government will not hear anything from me. Never.


And to Rod Coronado wherever you are. I do not know where you are and I do not want to know. The only thing I want to know is that you remain free like you deserve. Be swift and silent like the cougar and the wolf. Do not worry about me, I am OK. Do not make any deals with the government like you stated in your December press release. Remember what happened to Anna Mae Aquash, Jeannett Blissonnette, Leonard Peltier, Joe Killsright Stuntz, Martin Luther King, the wolf, the coyote, the elephant, the bear and the eagle. Stay strong and stay free. Your plea to turn yourself in for the animals is an honorable one but the Feds have no honour.

I hope all of you support me in my stand against what I believe is a violation of my personal rights and a stand against a never-ending force that is motivated and determined to destroy what we all believe in with our hearts and souls: the preservation of the sacred Mother Earth and all those who dwell upon her.

I stand in my cell with my fist in the air, for nothing is as sacred as our fight for freedom, animal liberation, and Earth First!


Letters of support to:

Jonathan Paul c/o SpokaneCountyJail, 1100 West Mallon, Spokane, WA99260USA

Peg Millet #23118-008. FPC, 37900 N 45th Ave., Dept 1785, Phoenix, AZ85027, USA

Mark Davis 423106-008, FPC, PO Box 1000, Dorm 8, Boron, CA93516, USA

Darren Thurston 3B, ERC, 9660-104 Ave., Edmonton, ABT5H 4B5, Canada


Campaign for Abolition Angling 3:

Marianne McDonald TV2198, HMP Holloway, Parkhurst Road, LondonN7 0NU

Sam RemingtonWW2677, C-Wing, HM Remand Centre, Forbury Road, ReadingRG1 3HY

Ed Shepherd FB1411, B-Wing, HMP Bullington, PO Box 50, Arncott-Bicester, Oxfordshire OX6 0PR. All on remand for allegedly conspiring to cause criminal damage by fire.

Chris Cole HE2989, HMP Bedford, St Loyes Road, Bedford NR4 0HG (on remand; alleged criminal damage whilst ‘disarming British Aerospace’; Christian Ploughshares activist)

Thomas Rampton ER0761 (Jo Tax), HMP Highdown, Hospital Road, Sutton Lane, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5RJ (serving 3 months for ABH on 4 Surrey Union Hunt supporters as they held him down and beat him)

Alistair Mullan A8028 A Wing, H6, HMP Maze, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland BT27 5RF (serving 2 years. 3 arson, 1 attempted, 4 criminal damage; parole in next few months)

Dave Nelson A8030 A Wing, H6, NMP Maze, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland BT27 5RF (serving 3 1/2 yrs, 3 arson, 2 attempted, 7 criminal damage) Both the above convicted of hits such as Associated Egg Packers. £21,000, Ards Flyfishing Club. £15,000, 2 poultry houses, £2,300, attacks on hunt kennels...

Paul Smith WN1294, Dorm. 5, HMP Hewell Grange, TarneBridge, Redditch, Worcestershire B97 6QQ (bomb hoax at McDonalds)

Chris Tucker RR 1914 HMP Brixton, Jebb Av., London SW2 5XF (serving 15 months, affray; smoke bomb in McDonalds)

Keith Mann c/o ALIU, PO Box 38, Manchester, M60 1NX. (in custody since October ’91; awaiting sentence for attempted arson, on remand for September Manchester conspiracy trial; moved very frequently)

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