to be continued?

The US govt. has declared war on the movement to protect biodiversity. Anything but a news item, this declaration comes more as a reminder of governments’ continued effort to destroy all that is wild... including you and me.

A few days ago I was told that Jonathan Paul was imprisoned due to his lack of cooperation with a federal grand jury. Tears grew in my eyes as I imagined this lover of freedom in a cement and steel cage. My tears faded into rage, as I promised to my friend that I would never let his incarceration go unnoticed. That the FBI would imprison innocent folks for not cooperating with them is the opening salvo in the latest counter intelligence campaign against warriors of the earth. The US government is now prepared to kill, imprison and torture us all, my friends; not only our other than human friends. We have not injured nor killed anyone. They have threatened us, bombed us, shot at us, and murdered us.


It is interesting to review articles dealing with the witch hunts for earth worshippers. The US govt. say this is not political. And they are correct – it’s spiritual. Nothing is more frightening to the white patriarchal power structure than a black human with a molotov, a native american with a rifle, or middle class white people who support them.

When I was 17, my parents were involved with providing sanctuary to Guatemalan refugees who were fleeing death and torture from the US backed government. I later discovered that at the time, the FBI was hunting these same people to deport them to face certain death. It became evident that the Indian wars had never ended. The assassinations of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, .and more recently Fred Hampton, Anna Mae Aquash, Tina Trudell and her family, are a cold testament to the US policy towards self determined peoples.

I am 26 years old. I was raised in a middle class area in California. My heritage is Yaqui Indian and Mexican. I was called a ‘spic’ and a ‘Brown nigger’ by white kids in school. My parents didn’t teach me my native tongue or Spanish for fear it would prevent me from being accepted into AmeriKKKan culture.

Despite this subtle oppression that every non-white human and white womyn can relate to, I kept my pride in my HERitage, not my forced HIStory. Once I was paroled from the re-education camp of high school, I was free to begin my life. The great earth warrior, Paul Watson, took me under his wing and guided me -on my path of self discovery. Slowly, I began to believe in myself and others working outside the confines of the legal system. Within two years I was an active participant in a clandestine resistance to patriarchal domination of the last wild places and beings of the earth.

“Now we are at the crossroads I’ve been waiting for all my life. The American Indian movement has announced solidarity with EF!, and our voice is becoming one.”

Always the only non-white face in the crowd of environmental meetings, I still felt alone, but not lonely. All my white friends are earthen spirits whose biocentric roots have been obliterated by 2,500 years of repression, yet they survive and struggle to prove their devotion to the earth. It is inspiring to see you all on your paths of self discovery. The spirit has no skin colour.

In 1989 I formed the Coalition Against Fur Farms. As the coordinator of CAFF, I was asked to speak on behalf of the ALF. It was an obligation that fell in line with every belief of mine. I felt my experience as a non-white resistance fighter was a common ground between oppressed wild beings. Within a year I was forced underground despite the lack of any physical evidence linking me to an ALF “crime”.

I am blind with anger because of this racist anti-native government that now hunts me like any other wild dog. Is my crime that I am not intimidated, that I attempt to speak truth when I witness atrocities against life? I haven’t been in a fist fight since sixth grade (with a white boy who called me a ‘spic’), and I haven’t caused an injury to any human as a result of any of my non-violent direct actions. Yet the FBI hunts me because they say I am a violent criminal, prone to actions that endanger innocent people. No, I’m sorry, I’m not their man.

Let’s assume the Feds are right and I’m responsible for six arsons, break-ins and animal rescues that have cost exploiters over $2 million - all actions that caused no loss of life. Why is it-that white men can build a factory that manufactures weapons whose primary function is to kill non-white people, under the full approval of the US government; yet when one native guy is suspected of burning down animal research laboratories and rescuing animal hostages, his friends are jailed for not providing information, and a $35,000 bounty is put on his head?

Suddenly Wounded Knee becomes understandable and not in the distant past. For the souls of my human sisters and brothers who visit me in my dreams and visions, I will continue to fight. Crazy Horse tells me, “All you need are a few good warriors and you shall fight for the people.” I hear Jonathan Paul as he says, “Rod they want your ass bad. They will kill you, stay free, run!”

Now we are at the crossroads I’ve been waiting for all my life. The American Indian Movement has announced solidarity with EF! Our voice is becoming one. This is exactly what the US government feared most. We are only the most recent targets because of our beliefs.

This is a very real struggle, one that will require each of you to re-examine your commitment to the earth. Let us all get beyond the human nature and back to wild nature. Let the children of earth be one again and fight, fight, fight.

- Rod Coronado

Heavily edited, Brigid 93 EF! Journal.

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