There’s no M15 on a dead planet

Surveillance tips:

1. Any phone might be tapped, you can only tell if they want you to, or are crap. The same goes for your mail. Watch whose address is under the re-use label. When a phone is on the hook, they can still ‘hear’, directional microphones are also good.

2. There are many kinds of infiltrator. They collect information, give misinformation, set traps, and disrupt and divide activities and people. They may be very nice - the police may have something on them. They may be new on the scene, or visitors. ALWAYS watch what you say and to whom.

3. Few cameras are nice cameras. Watch out for them especially in town centres and on protests. Check press credentials. The police confiscate films which “pertain to an offence” – don’t incriminate yourself or others. Try burning out the cone of a video camera: point a flash-gun directly into the lens unless coated with anti-glare chemicals.

4. Don’t carry address books, phone lists etc. when you sign a petition, get on a mailing list, act as a spokesperson, think who could read it, and think where your name could go. Friendship networks, structures are the stuff they want.

5. When being followed on foot or by car, there’ll be 3 or 4 of them so don’t think you’ll spot them easily. Do something illogical - at the very least it makes their job more fun. Check whether you stand out. Change your appearance quickly, or develop/lose a limp. Bicycles don’t have number plates.

6. You can smell plainclothes police and their cars. Practice.

7. Don’t carry drugs or real ID. Say no more.

All these things and more have already happened to people in EF!. read up on available info, and use the same techniques back in return. Dc not let the paranoia rule your life, but be careful / over cautious - for your sake, and the movement’s. Do it for the earth.

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