Group 4 own 51% (+) of Ecover. Peter Parker (an ex-director of G4, director of Mitsubishi and a governor of the London School of Economics) is a director of the FoE Trust.

This is yet another example of infiltration and watering down of the pro-earth movements by big business. We will boycott all Ecover products until the company is independent again. Peter Parker must either resign from his other posts, or from the FoE Trust; we will not support central FoE until such time as they have overcome their vermin problem.

We suggest that anyone who joined the organisation believing them to be friends of the earth might consider disassociating themselves until Parker has gone.


This month’s GM carries an article about genetic engineering. Apparently, if the public were better informed they would see what wonderful people the gene traders are. There is also an article suggesting that golf courses should be bigger, and there should be more of them! Articles about resistance to the Golden Hill Tescos were conspicuous by their absence.

All becomes clear when we look on page 3: ‘Patrons and Consultants’ - Lord Alexander of Weedon QC, Chairman of NatWest Bank; Lord Clinton-Davies, EC Commissioner for transport, environment and nuclear safety (ha!), 1985 - 89; Sir Colin Marshall, Chief Executive of British Airways; Sir Ian McLaurin, Chairman of Tesco. Say no more!


For more info and Ecover boycott posters contact Camelot EF!

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