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CD was founded last year in response to the decision by the whaling nations to resume commercial whaling. Norway, Iceland and Japan have stated their intent to decimate Minke Whale populations despite international condemnation and concern over the species.

Now one hundred thousand Minke whales have been targetted as the killers prepare for the fresh onslaught in the waters of the Antarctic and North Atlantic.

CD operates on a number of levels. As a resource for info for public and other campaign groups. By targeting a boycott at companies and products, so economic damage is done. But more essentially, through direct action CD aim to confront the whaling vessels on the ocean. Activities over ’92/3 have been quite frequent. Events have included occupying the Norwegian consulate in Manchester last summer, distributing 5000 leaflets at the England v Norway match in November, and demonstrating when the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree was lit. CD are desperately trying to raise money 30,000 plus to buy a ship to interfere with whaling activities. Any folk who are into fund raising gigs etc, PO box 11, South East District Office, Manchester, M18 8GU.



Thankfully, a planned action at the Overseas Development Administration, London, on 1 April was cancelled. Thankfully? The World Bank has pulled out of the project, hopefully putting an end to the plan to kick 200,000 people off their land.


The discussions included organising in non-unionised industries, working closely with EF!ers to mobilise workers to come and support campaigns. Only by getting to a wider audience and offering sustainable job alternatives will the movement grow.

When EF! groups send a leaflet to workers before an action, they could put both Wobblie and EF! logos. It will then be seen as less of a middle class greeny leaflet and a real attempt to take into account the concerns of the workers.

If you are planning to produce such a leaflet and need help or info, then contact: Swindon IWW, 9, Omdurman St., Swindon, Wilts. SN2 1HA. They can also provide relevant data on disputes, health hazards etc. in industries being focussed on by EF! For those who are interested in getting into union/ecological activism you can contact the same address.


Saturday 3 April. Thomas Warby, a 15 year old from Cambridgeshire, was killed on his first time out with local sabs. The day had been successful, with hounds frequently called off scents. The hunt subsequently packed up early. It happened as everyone was leaving.

The driver of the hounds’ van accelerated through a group of sabs. As they parted to allow the vehicle to pass, Thomas Warby’s coat became snagged on the vehicles wing mirror, pulling him off balance. He toppled back on to an embankment, then bounced forward to fall under the wheels. The vehicle rapidly drove away from the tragedy, but hunt supporters then began attacking the distressed sabs. Police later arrested the driver, and released him on police bail.

At the next Saturday’s commemorative gathering, the head of Countrywatch UK, the major hunt ‘security’ firm, positioned himself amongst sabs, videoing them all. Police removed him, for his own safety.

This follows a season of intimidation and violence. At the Hursley Hambledon hunt, a sab van was attacked by supporters armed with stakes, as were its occupants; a sab was then mowed down by a hunt car. At Essex, a sab was driven in to... Remember, the anti-hunt Bill nearly got through parliament - a little more pressure, and...

Mink sabs continue through the summer. Local groups from HSA PO Box 1, Carlton, Nottingham.


After the news that the A3 at the Devil’s Puchbowl, Hindhead Common, will be tunnelled (double ungood for the earth!), the DoT has announced that the Hereford bypass, to go through Lugg Meadows SSSI, will not go ahead (yet). At Wychbury Hill, north of Birmingham, set to be the ‘Twyford Down of the North’, police disrupted a conventional rally on the Vernal equinox, enforcing an injunction with 5 police vans, 8 bikes, and helicopter support, because of a misunderstanding with the anti-the road Lord Cobham. The Isle of Skye is one of the next places to feel the grubby claws of the Road Lobby. A huge wildlife-gobbling bridge so the mad bastards don’t have to get out of their cars. Contact Glasgow EF! Oxleas Wood campaigners have lost the first legal round, but they’ve more than one string to their bow. They’re going to lobby the Euro Commissioner, who hasn’t issued the Reasoned Opinion, and if that fails...

Beat the Bulldozer Pledges and direct action network info from Save Oxleas Wood Campaign, 82, Cranbrook Road, LondonSE8 4EJ, or Tony Taylor, 081-692 8280.

Does anyone in Wales have any info on the motorway plan for Snowdonia we’ve heard rumours of - or anything else for that matter? Please get in touch with SSEF!

If you don’t want a new road at Hindhead, contact SDEFI


Demos at Dover docks against live exports continue, with spraypainting of Sealink ferries’ toilets, who were locked in to their offices. Sealink have now said that they’ll only ship the animals at night, to avoid animal rights activists. SEARC c/o Mike Nunn, 19a, Amhurst Road, Bexhill, East Sussex.

Shamrock Farms, monkey ‘distributors’, to vivisectors, with their very own 24 hr incinerator has repeatedly been the target for damage to their property (tut, tut!). The last staff lock-in was thwarted by the police’s prior knowledge... branches on the line!


1,000 forest and dayak people have been directly resisting the destruction of their ancestral home by logging operations at Upper Selaan, since 23rd March. The military and police are there, and the Penan are ready to die if necessary to protect their land and culture. Also, at the present rate of clearcutting, the tropical forest will be no more by 1998. Contact SIMBA, 071403 2876. Australian dock actions in support have already happened and the Malaysian Tourist Board in London was recently occupied.

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